Compliance check of a CPR cable label and DoP

The steps that all cable purchasers should follow to be sure that the documentation/label are in full compliance with CPR regulation.

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In this 2-minute video professionals can find a comprehensive guide to check the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and product label.

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Ask the manufacturers for the DoP of the cables you are about to source and check the label. It is your responsibility to fully transfer these documentations to your customers. It is your role to make sure only full compliant products are sold into the market: check it out using the “path” below


Ask your distributors for the DoP and make sure the products include the correct labels. You are entitled to do so. And, if the distributor is unable to provide them in the form defined by the regulation, there might be problems with the product itself: watch out!

@Installers / Electricians:

Make sure your contractor/distributor sourced full compliant cables you are about to install. Your alert and active role is fundamental for the market

Fire Safety is our Responsibility

Learn about your responsibilities on fire safety and how to comply.

What are the CPR requirements in my country

Although the CPR establishes harmonised conditions for all EU Member States, each country can regulate on its territory the CPR class required for a given application.

Understanding CPR Cable Classification and certification

Europe, within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation of 2011 (CPR) created new fire protection categories for cables demanding a reassessment of fire Safety in buildings. cables are classified in 7 classes according to their flame spread and heat release.

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