Understanding CPR Cable Classification and certification

Download the guide and learn more about Performance Classes, Additional Classifications and Product Certification within the CPR framework.

What are The Performance Classes?

Europe, within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation of 2011 (CPR) created new fire protection categories for cables demanding a reassessment of fire Safety in buildings. cables are classified in 7 classes according to their flame spread and heat release.

Additional Classifications

In the CPR framework, three additional classification levels have been established regarding:

  • The amount of smoke produced
  • The flaming droplets released by the cable during combustion
  • The acidity of the smoke

The additional classifications are only applied to cables ranging from B1ca to Dca

Product Certification

Within the terms of the EU-product certification, the certification of reliable products from class Eca onwards, is carried out by Notified Bodies.

The CPR provides various systems. The better the performance (the higher the Class), the stricter the requirements for the manufacturer.