Fire Safety is our Responsibility

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All cables used in any type of building are subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Learn about your responsibilities on fire safety and how to comply.

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Are you aware of your responsibilities?


  • Regulate the fire performance of cables using the CPR Classification
  • Survey the market for correct application of the Regulation


  • Must prescribe the level of fire performance required using the CPR classification
  • Evaluate eventual specific risks, which means understanding the level of fire performances of the cable


  • Ensure that they place on the market only cables which are in compliance with the requirements of the CPR
  • Be sure that the product bears the CE marking and is accompanied by the documents required by CPR


  • Follow national installation standards
  • Only install CPR certified cables of the appropriate performance

Latest news about CPR

5 things you need to know about CPR

Fire in buildings and civil engineering works takes a heavy toll on human lives. 4000 people in Europe are still killed by fire every year1. Although the CPR classification allows a better assessment, many of the National Regulations that monitor the local fire safety have failed to keep pace.

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Promoting fire safety technology solutions throughout Europe since 2009

Europacable - listed in the European Commission’s transparency register – has been active in promoting fire safety technology solutions throughout Europe since 2009 with the campaign name “safety during fire”. In 2015 Europacable members signed their Industry Charter in which they expressed their collective commitment to supply safe and reliable cables and systems, in line with the relevant EU or equivalent international standards for safety and reliability.

CPR compliance over cables

Cables permanently installed in any type of building and civil works are subject to the CPR

The CPR provides a new mandatory language to express the fire performance of construction products. Generally speaking, all cables used in any type of building and civil works are subject to the CPR unless they are specifically designed for temporary installations. Control and power circuits inside machinery, or elevators, are not subject to the CPR.

The CPR only specifies the reaction to fire and release of dangerous substances performances of cables. All other characteristics remain unaffected.