“Quality Means doing it right when no one is looking”

Be like Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company
Choose the right cables. Quality Matters.

Quality matters

Almost 100 years ago Henry Ford had it clear: “Quality Means doing it right when no one is looking”. Quality matters and it was fundamental in the success of the world-famous Ford T model, the first car produced in large scale.

The understanding that quality is the main drive of success didn’t change through the years and almost one century after Mr Ford, Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, reached a huge success with a clear mindset about the quality of his products: “Quality is more than marketing”, “Quality is more important than quantity” or “for you to sleep well at night, quality has to be carried all the way through” are some of his inspiring quotes.

At Europacable, we know that time is not an obstacle to quality products. That is why we want to support our community of electrical installers, contractors and wholesalers to choose the right cables to their projects.

Each EU Member State regulates the level of performance necessary to assure the required level of fire safety depending on the type of construction and local building techniques. Regulations are different from country to country and it is a duty of the entire supply chain and of specifiers to be informed about the classes required in their countries.

"Quality is the
best business plan"

John Lasseter, founder of Pixar Studios

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5 pieces of advice from Europacable

1. Active role on quality

Whatever your role is in the cable supply chain you can have an active role on engaging the market with qualityfirst behaviours. Everyone has a role in quality.

2. Take an informed decision

Before choosing a cable get informed! Get to know all the details about your project, its cable specifications and your supply partners and their products.

3. Use trusted sources

Information about cables, regulations and standards, whenever in print or online, should come from a trusted, credible source. In current times the number of information sources available, especially on digital media, is increasing sharply, but not all of them are trustworthy. Know what to look for.

4. Respect the standards

Standards are created to harmonize the market, providing a consistent approach to projects. It is the responsibility of the specifier to select and apply standards. You should ensure that the standards you use are correct, and current.

5. Use the best tools to pick your cables

Cable Classes Guide

Europe, within the framework of the Construction Products Regulation of 2011 (CPR) created new fire performance categories for cables promoting a reassessment of fire safety in buildings. Cables are classified in 7 main classes according to their flame spread and heat release. Download the guide and learn more about Performance Classes, Additional Classifications and Product Certification within the CPR framework.

Country Requirements

Although the CPR establishes harmonised conditions for all EU Member States, each country can regulate on its territory the CPR class required for a given application. Download the specific requirements for your country.

CPR Checklist

The Europacable CPR checklist is a step-by-step guide to understanding the product labelling and marking. Which information is mandatory on the label? Which information is present on the cable? You can find answer to these and other questions downloading the checklist.


The Declaration of Performance (DoP) is the declaration of the performance of the product by the manufacturer and is signed by a responsible person. Furthermore, the manufacturer must make the DoP available in in the language that is required by the Member State where the product is placed on the market.