4 steps to test CPR compliance

Step-by-step guide to understanding the required markings.

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1. Which information is mandatory on the CPR label?

The CE marking shall be affixed to those construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up a Declaration of Performance.

It SHALL be followed by the information listed here later. In view of the specific nature of the product cable the fulfilment of the obligation to affix the CE marking set by the CPR is possible exclusively through labels or accompanying documents.

2. Which information is mandatory on the DoP?

One code per product family.

Availability of DoP on website

For those who wish to place their Declarations of Performances online, Regulations set out the conditions for making a Declaration of Performance on construction products available on a website, which are summarised below.

1.   The content not alterable.
2.  Continuously available.
3.  Available 10 years.
4.  Instructions to access the website and the Declarations of Performance.
5.  Every single product is linked to a given Declaration of Performance by
       means of the unique identification code of the product-type.

3. Structure of performance classes



B1ca-s1a, s1b, s1, s2, s3,d0-d2,a1-a31+YES
B2ca-s1a, s1b, s1, s2, s3,d0-d2,a1-a31+YES
Cca-s1a, s1b, s1, s2, s3,d0-d2,a1-a31+YES
Dca-s1a, s1b, s1, s2, s3,d0-d2,a1-a33YES



4. Which information is present on the cable?

1.The CE marking (shall not be present for CPR cables).
The following information may be on the cable or on its packaging or on its labelling or any combination of the preceding.
An indication of origin consisting of the marking of the manufacturer’s name or trademark, or (if legally protected) identification number.
3.The product description or code designation.
4.The reaction to fire class.
Voluntary marking
Any information required by other standards relevant to the product.
6.The year of production.
7.Voluntary certification marks.
Any additional information as wanted by the manufacturer provided that it does not conflict with, nor confuse, any of the other required markings.