Compliance check of a CPR cable label and DoP

The steps that all cable purchasers should follow to be sure that the documentation/label are in full compliance with CPR regulation.

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Ask the manufacturers for the DoP of the cables you are about to source and check the label. It is your responsibility to fully transfer these documentations to your customers. It is your role to make sure only full compliant products are sold into the market: check it out using the “path” below


Ask your distributors for the DoP and make sure the products include the correct labels. You are entitled to do so. And, if the distributor is unable to provide them in the form defined by the regulation, there might be problems with the product itself: watch out!

@Installers / Electricians:

Make sure your contractor/distributor sourced full compliant cables you are about to install. Your alert and active role is fundamental for the market


Use the following reference to check the label/document of the cable(s) you buy.


Do the following steps to check the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and product label.

1st step

Verify the presence of all information as listed below

2nd step

Verify that each information is valid and true

#InformationExampleDoPLabelHow to check?
1DoP number1004253Use the "DoP finder" in the manufacturer's website
2Code of the product12345The identification must be unique
3Intended use of the productCables for general applications in construction...Sentence to be used only as intended in the Regulation: "cable for general application in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements"
4Manufacturer/ImporterName of the cable producerName/logo of the manufacturer/importer and the full address. Check actual manufacturer is identified correctly and not just a marketing brand.
5Authorised representativeName of natural or legal person, in case it is appointed. This field can be blank.
Any natural or legal person established within the EU who has received a written mandate from a manufacturer to act on his behalf in relation to specified tasks.
6Type of AVCP systemAVCP 1+ or AVCP 3
Only 2 options can be used: AVCP 1+ or AVCP 3
7Technical specification appliedEN 50575-2014 ....Dated reference to the harmonised technical specification applied
8Notified body number1234Search the number in the official list of certified labs Search
9Declared class of performanceB2ca-s1b, d1, a1Sub-classes (s, d, a) need to be stated for B2ca, Cca, Dca, not needed for Aca, Eca, Fca
10Presence of CE markingCE
The CE mark is proof of conformity with the respective EU directives: it is a legal mark and not a seal of quality
10ALast two digits of the year194 digits or last 2 digits of the year in which it was first affixed; any date before 16 is not correct

✓ = mandatory (if not present = not required)


  • The two mandatory accompanying documents related to CPR are the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and the Label
  • All the elements described above must be present in the Declaration of Performance/on the Label and report all the intended information
  • The CE label shall be affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly to the reels, coils or drums of the cables.
  • DoP and CPR documents must be easily accessible; this documentation is intended to be accessible and stored for 10 years (art. 5)
  • DoP is not a test report issued by a certified lab, but an official document issued by the manufacturer with a comprehensive list of mandatory information to make informed decisions and trace back all relevant data. DoP shall be translated into the languages where the product is sold.
  • CPR regulation assigns specific responsibilities for all involved stakeholders

Do you need support in checking the CPR related documentations? Please fill in the form and your request will be sent to your local National Association and/or to EUROPACABLE.



1. CE logo

2. Notified body registration number

3. Code indicating how this product behaves in fire

4. Manufacturer address and contact details

5. Declaration of performance reference number and website for more details

6. Cable standard applied, indicating test required to assess reaction to fire.

7. Product desription

8. Product code

9. Product description

10. What's in the box

11. This is the notified body who tested the product in the UK. The vertical number shown to the right of the CE mark correspondes with this.


1. Missing notified body name/number

2. Missing sub-class details

3. Sentence used not in accordance to the Regulation