Survey report:
Awareness of CPR for Cables

Europacable har spurt profesjonelle i elektrobransjen (i Europa), om fordeler og ulemper med Byggevareforordningen (CPR) og de nye brannkravene til kabler. Hva det betyr for de og deres kunder.

Why the survey?

Three years after the introduction of CPR for cables, Europacable sponsored a pan-European survey to understand the progress, achievements, market perception and challenges for the near future in fire safety and compliance. The results will help set strategies for the next few years.


To engage with a widely spread audience Europacable opted for a fully digital survey where users would reply the questions on their computers or smartphones.

The survey was conducted between December 2019 and January 2020, achieving 2983 full responses.

Professional Mix


Of European electrical professionals:

• 90% agree that fire safety is important, that CPR can contribute and that non-conforming product introduces risk.

• Three quarters are confident that they can apply the CPR correctly in their work.

• Two thirds are confident about the details of the various CPR classes, DoPs, etc.

• But ... about half feel they often have to compromise safety against cost.

Analysis of answers

As professional in the electric sector I am aware of my responsibilities on fire safety.

The vast majority of European electrical professionals are committed to fire safety and understand their responsibilities.
Norwegian professionals are in line with the European average.

Last ned rapporten og se resultatene for Europa samlet, og ditt eget land.